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Ask your dentist and dental team about how to improve your smile. Ask about whitening. Is it safe? Does it work? Is it for you? How does it compare in cost to other procedures? Does it last? Your dental office is your best resource for this information; speak with them. Ask your dentist about porcelain

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Gum disease is a chronic infection and like any infection, it can and should be cured as it draws energy from the immune system. Good homecare techniques customized by your dentist and dental team are critical. You are responsible for your health – be knowledgeable and informed, and ask your dental team for information. They

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Whitening is not for everyone! There are certain medical situations that would make whitening inappropriate as an elective cosmetic procedure. Whitening does not work for all people or all teeth. Ask the knowledgeable dental team at Guiltinan  Family Dentistry why. Find out why whitening toothpaste rarely works and why. Only a trained professional can evaluate

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Likewise, not all teeth can or should be replaced if lost! Ask your dentist about implants as a tooth replacement option. They are becoming more mainstream and only your dental team can teel you if they are an option for you. Learn the whys and hows of this exciting treatment option from your dentist.

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