The unfortunate thing about dentistry is we tend to focus on the teeth and not so much on the bigger picture. Yes, I am talking about our TMJ sufferers.  Dr. Guiltinan noticed that something had to be done.  With that said, I had the privilege to be chosen from our team to accompany Dr. Guiltinan to the Las Vegas Institute.  We took a course to further our skills and to not only bring this new knowledge to the practice but to our jaw pain sufferers.  The course focused on how most of our dental concerns, especially those of you who clench and grind your teeth, are actually related to our jaw joints.  The ever-constant, ever-hurtful “TMJ issues”.

Dr. Guiltinan and I have come back with a new understanding of how the muscles that move our jaw can be in constant compensation and strain looking for that “comfortable” position, even more so if we already have the tendency to clench or grind.  Little did we know that this is what is causing a lot of pain, from headaches to back pain, even tingling or numbness in the fingertips.  We learned from our course that this is a very treatable condition.  And we have brought expertise and equipment to our practice.  Think it’s too good to be true?  I urge you to come into our office and see for yourself!

Lindy (Dental Assistant)



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