Dental Exams and Cleanings at Huron Dentistry

Benefits of Regular Exams and Cleanings Near You

Did you know that one of the most important things you can do to preserve your dental health is to make sure that you adhere to the recommended guidelines of an exam and professional cleaning every six months? No one can see what’s going on inside your mouth or on your teeth better than a dentist, and it’s always more straightforward, more time-efficient, and more cost-efficient to treat minor concerns before they become larger ones.

For example, regular cleaning helps prevent gum disease. When you visit Huron Dentistry for your exams and cleanings, our dentists, and their care teams will detect any early signs of gum disease before the condition worsens into periodontitis which often requires invasive treatment as opposed to milder treatment available in its early stages.

Likewise, if you have a small cavity that needs to receive a dental filling, our team may use tooth-colored material to your restoration that is more natural-looking. When a cavity is left untreated, it will grow and result in the need for a dental crown or even tooth replacement.

Rather than taking risks like that with your smile, we invite you to book an appointment now with Huron Dentistry to schedule an exam and cleaning near you.

Digital CT Scan

First our dental radiologist takes a digital 2D CT Scan of your teeth.

Professional Consultation

We will discuss your primary issues and your wishes concerning your teeth.

Dental Examination

This is followed by a professional examination of the teeth and gums.

Complete Treatment Plan

We devise a complete treatment plan for restoring your healthy smile.


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