Tooth Extractions



It’s not uncommon for some patients to think that getting a tooth extracted is a complicated procedure when in fact, it’s not. There are indeed two types of extractions, simple tooth extraction, and surgical tooth extraction. While one does require surgery, they can both be performed by our dentists near you at Huron Dentistry with minimal discomfort.

When you visit us for your tooth extraction, our dentists and their team will evaluate which type of extraction is needed. Simple tooth extraction is most commonly used for teeth that have broken or have become so decayed that they cannot be repaired. Surgical tooth extraction is most common in wisdom tooth removal, although it may sometimes need to be performed when a tooth has broken below the gum line.

In either scenario, our dentists at Huron Dentistry are committed to providing gentle dentistry during every procedure we perform. We also offer sedation dentistry to help make your treatment less anxious and use advanced equipment and technology to ensure that your tooth extraction is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Our Goal at Huron Dentistry

Our goal is to help every patient we meet retain their natural teeth for as long as possible – hopefully, for a lifetime! As such, we will recommend treatment options that are available to help you achieve that goal too. However, there are times when the best treatment option will be a tooth extraction. But you have our assurance that we will never prematurely recommend tooth extraction and tooth replacement when restorative dental procedures are available.

Likewise, you may have a tooth that you’d like to have extracted rather than treated. Our dentists near you will always respect your decision concerning your oral health. They will, however, make sure that you’ve been apprised of the importance of replacing the extracted tooth with a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture.

We Are Here for You

Whether you need a loose tooth removed because of gum disease, infection, or injury, or you wonder if you might need your wisdom teeth removed, the team at Huron Dentistry is here to provide the care you deserve. Please call us now or make an appointment using our online booking tool to get started.

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