Cavity, Gum Infection, Root Canal, Crown, Extraction.

The above words can strike fear in the hearts of dental patients everywhere. The uncertainty of how to arrange one’s busy schedule to return for another appointment and the fear of new or extensive dental procedures can result in a patient’s reason to avoid the dentist.  The anxiety associated with the cost of dental treatment or the fact that there is no discomfort with the identified area is enough for people to take weeks, months, or sometimes years to schedule needed treatment.  Even though we are often aware of needed dental treatment, it can easily slip off our to-do list.

 What is the cost of ignoring that cavity, forgetting about the gum infection or putting off completing that crown?

Every person is different and every mouth responds differently to dental treatment.  It is true that you may not see or be aware of the impact of deferring treatment immediately; it is also true though that putting off dental treatment will not make the problem go away.  Rather, dental treatment will only become more extensive.  For example, an untreated cavity will only get deeper, leading to pain as well as the potential for a more costly and time-consuming procedure.  A gum infection can lead to bone loss, tooth mobility, and eventual tooth loss.  Not proceeding with a crown can lead to a tooth fracturing beyond repair which then requires an extraction.  Developing an abscess and swelling would be a major concern if treatment for a tooth requiring a root canal or extraction is not completed.

The solution? 

Talk to your dental team about the best way to manage your treatment plan. Good oral health not only contributes to your overall wellness but it enhances your quality of life.  Together, we can find a way to maintain optimal dental health.



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